We run regular midwife-led birth preparation workshops for mums-to-be and their birthing partners.

The aim of these workshops is to provide enough knowledge about the birthing process, alongside a trusty toolkit of breathing and postures to instill confidence, empowerment and excitement.

Workshops include the following:

  • A look at potential physical, mental and emotional obstacles to a straightforward labour and birth and look at positive ways to overcome them
  • Breathing exercises for labour
  • Anatomy and physiology of birth
  • Massage techniques for birthing partners
  • A guide to pain relief
  • Postures for labour and birth
  • Q & A session with Rene, our midwife
  • A light vegetarian lunch

The workshops cost £100 per couple.

Used on their own or as an adjunct to NHS or NCT classes we’ve had some great feedback about these classes:

“Stephen found it all very useful and reassuring and was very pleased to be given such clear instructions as to how he could be useful as a birth partner.”  L.S., September 2010

“I would recommend this class to other mums to be. I actually learnt more on this one day than I did at all my NCT classes about labour! It has made me wish that I’d known about the pregnancy yoga classes and joined those but I will remember these for next time.” S.H., September 2010.

“I feel it was a very relaxed learning environment, and felt very comfortable asking questions, and wasn’t made to feel silly about the questions I asked. I feel it was an empowering session for the partners, and they will feel more equipped to deal with the birth.  Lots of useful tips for them. Overall we both really enjoyed the session and would definitely recommend.”
S.Z., February 2010

“Excellent lunch!  Nice relaxed friendly atmosphere. Would highly recommend.”
L.T. September 2009

“Learnt a lot about the various stages of labour, some things I hadn’t heard before . Felt very positive after I came out , as have been very anxious about my second labour , after a bad first-time experience. Felt very reassured as to the power of the female body to work through the pain from early labour through to delivery. The slideshow was really lovely-beautiful photos and very positive experiences all round . Questions answered freely and easily and felt happy to ask anything, even having already experienced labour. Would be so happy to have a midwife like Rene delivering my baby . Fingers crossed I will have someone so knowledgeable and experienced.”
S.M., October 2009

Get in touch for more info and when the next workshop will be.