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Susan Clark interiors, Humber Road

      Susan’s beautiful shop neighbours the Humber Road studio. They specialise in complete house renovations, project management and bespoke curtains, upholstery and antique furniture. There’s a wealth of amazing vintage finds to be had. Click here to visit the website.

Priya Vigneswaran, Child and Family therapy, clinical psychologist

Family life is often joyful but can sometimes be difficult. Many families with children experience periods where life can seem more difficult and problems arise in their lives that can cause anxiety and distress. These feelings may be experienced by one individual or as part of the relationship between partners or between parents and children....

Indera Ajimal, Osteopath

Indi is committed to the health and wellbeing of all family members, old and young. Her background as a midwife and health visitor makes a visit to her vital for both pregnancy and postnatal. She practices at a number of clinics around London but catch her at the Blackheath Complementary Health Clinic on Fridays. Call...

Cheeky wipes

Another mum told me about these recyclable wipes and I think they are an excellent idea. The terry towelling cloth wipes are stored in either tea tree and lemon essential oils if they’re mucky or the fresh wipes are stored in chamomile or lavender. They can be thrown straight into the washing machine in their...

Asquith London, Yoga clothing

This is a go-to company for stylish yoga wear. Kindness yoga students get a 15% discount – to get the online discount code speak to Anna at a class. Visit the Asquith London website here.

Yogamatters, Online store

Purveyors of everything you need for your yoga practice. Find everything from mats, books, clothes, DVDs, to food and events. Visit the Yogamatters online shop here.

Jillian Lavender & Michael Miller, Vedic Meditation

Jillian Lavender and Michael Miller are independent teachers of Vedic Meditation working with individuals to maximise performance and achieve success in all areas of their personal and professional life.  Students come from a range of backgrounds, and include business people, medical professionals, teachers, performing artists and mothers and children. Jillian and Michael are based in...

Charlotte Steed, Acupuncture & Reflexology

Charlotte is the owner of the London Acupuncture Space which offers specialist services in fertility, pregnancy and the treatment of babies and children.  Charlotte has done extensive post-graduate training and worked as a fertility and obstetrics acupuncturist at the renowned Zeta West Clinic. Clinics are based in Blackheath (SE3) and Canary Wharf (E14).  Visit The...

Pamela Rogers, Doula & Massage therapist

Pamela specialises in the following therapies: Pre and post natal massage, Bowen technique, Indian head massage, Ayurvedic massage, Acupressure in pregnancy. Pamela believes that pregnancy and birth is a time for new beginnings, a time to cherish and be cherished. A healing and caring touch is so vital to a mother’s well-being as she adapts...

Kay Wesley, Homeopath

Kay loves to support women and their families during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Treatment includes the use of Homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbal tinctures, diet and lifestyle advice as well as energy healing as appropriate. Visit Kay’s site

Healthwise therapy centre: Pregnancy treatments

Feeling healthy during pregnancy depends on looking after yourself physically and emotionally. A Pregnancy Massage can help with the ongoing changes ahead by assisting relaxation and aiding general well being both pre and post-natally. It can also help with many of the common ailments associated with Pregnancy. Healthwise Natural Therapy Centre also offers many treatments...

Nina Thorstensson: Massage therapist & Doula

A Doula offers support to both the woman and her partner during the birth of their child. Every couple is different and will receive customised care to suit them, based on their individual circumstances and preferences. Visit Nina’s site