Imagine my delight when I received a box full of Udi’s gluten-free goodies through the post. It contained the following:

Apple cinnamon toaster pastries

Strawberry toaster pastries

Bagel chips with cinnamon & sugar

Jalepeno cheddar & Aged cheddar ancient grain crisps

Chocolate chip and toffee flavoured muffins

Cinnamon & raisin bagels



The cinnamon and raisin bagels should come with a fanfare. For me, they were the highlight of the products by a country mile. Let me explain.

I haven’t eaten wheat for over 10 years but I remember it clearly. I remember it well enough to feel deflated every time I try gluten-free substitutes that resemble chalky cardboard. I had definitely given up on bagels – the squidge, the chew of a good bagel would be too hard to translate to gluten-free, surely? I remember trying one particular supermarket’s gluten- free bagel a while ago. It was so dry it was dusty – ¬†just bagel in shape, none of the dense, bouncy texture you would expect from the real deal.

So I almost wept when I toasted the Udi’s cinnamon & raisin bagels and instantly fell in love. Not only did it look the part, it had chew in spades. I ate mine toasted with butter but when the kids got in on the action I added some cream cheese to make it a more well-rounded breakfast. As well as tasting and looking great these bagels contain 5.4g of fibre each which is not to be sniffed at.

The muffins were tasty and not too dry (a common pitfall of packaged foods). My preference was for chocolate chip as I found the toffee flavour a little too sweet for my taste buds. Mr F devoured the Ancient Grain crisps with gusto in the evening. I had a few handfuls of the Jalepeno Cheddar packet – they were tasty. I am never going to be a Pop Tarts kinda gal so the toaster pastries missed the mark for me. Probably because I imagine they would be quite sweet.

So I’m firmly Team Bagel all the way. I would love to try the plain ones as they would be great for savoury fillings. My local Tesco stocks Udi’s and hopefully Sainsburys will soon. It’s good to have viable gluten-free options to hand so thank goodness for Udi’s. I’m keen to try the rest of the breads and rolls now!

Disclaimer:¬†Udi’s sent me these products to review, I wasn’t paid but kept the food items. All views my own.