Lunch time is another good opportunity to crowbar in some of your 5 -a -day. Think salads, baked potatoes and soups washed down with a fruit smoothie or fresh juice. Smoothies, by the way, contain around 2 of your 5-a-day in single (250ml) serving. A single serving of juice would give you around 1 of your 5.

Here are some of my top places for grabbing salads and juice on the run:

Vitaorganic is an amazing spot that is a popular haunt for all things vegan and raw. As well as juice they serve great food which is imaginative and delicious.

Beatroot,  that’s actually how you spell it, has an inspired salad bar and veg-filled hot food counter to boot. You might even pick up a guilt-free dessert as well.

Crussh juice bars are a bit of a London staple. They have a fairly good choice of juices, soups and smoothies.

The toss-your-own salad joints are a pretty good bet for a veg-filled lunch.  Vital Ingredient; Tossed; Pure are dotted around the capital. If you take the option to have a base of brown rice or brown pasta and some good quality protein (fish, cheese etc..) you’ll be able to stave off hunger for longer.  Juices and smoothies often abound in these places.