Hummingbird cake

While I was pregnant with baby number 2 I became obsessed with muffin making. I think it was the immediacy of it that got me hooked. I made raspberry and white chocolate, choc chip and banana and dark chocolate chip muffins. The latter became a permanent fixture due to the fact that we had an almost never-ending supply of over ripe bananas with accompanying fruit flies in our kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious (the muffins, not the fruit flies) but I made them in such volume that when we recently had some bananas left over I couldn’t bring myself to make them into muffins.
I was due to bring pud along to Sunday lunch at some friends’ house so I felt like whatever I made with the bananas would need to be suitably special. I searched around on the internet and found a few references to and recipes for a hummingbird cake. This cake is a sweet mix of bananas and pineapple studded with walnuts. The recipe I went with was from Martha Stewart. I only used 2 sandwich tins, as opposed to her three and used gluten free flour (Doves) instead of wheat flour. It tasted of heaven and cured my banana ennui.