Family life is often joyful but can sometimes be difficult. Many families with children experience periods where life can seem more difficult and problems arise in their lives that can cause anxiety and distress.

These feelings may be experienced by one individual or as part of the relationship between partners or between parents and children. I am a clinical psychologist and offer a supportive, caring and non-judgmental space where families can reflect on the situation at these times and explore different solutions to their problems.

I develop a collaborative and respectful partnership with families that places the family and individuals as the expert on their lives and honours the skills, experience, knowledge and significant relationships of the people who come to meet with me.

I help families understand their situations and their behaviours by examining together the stories they use to shape their lives. I have found that even in the face of distressing, frightening or desperate situations, families still maintain a sense of hope and a wish for life to be better. We acknowledge the pain and difficulty of the situation, and I help families’ harness their unique imaginative and creative problem-solving resources that allow them to discover new choices. As they do so stories of hope and change begin to emerge.

Families’ difficulties are unique and unlimited, however, to give you a sense of the sorts of issues I have helped some families with, they include:

  • coping with pregnancy and a new baby
  • sleep issues
  • feeding problems
  • toileting issues
  • tantrums
  • fear and anxiety
  • childhood depression
  • loss and bereavement
  • impact of chronic illness on children and family members
  • school refusal and school issues (e.g. bullying)
  • conduct problems and setting limits
  • parenting advice and support

My therapeutic style is based on a systemic narrative therapy approach and incorporates questions and conversation to explore your situation, information and support in parenting techniques as well as play therapy techniques when appropriate.

I work with individuals, couples or the family group. Usually a session lasts fifty minutes. One might have 3 – 6 sessions at weekly or fortnightly intervals, and then review. Alternatively a single session might be enough to make a difference.

Sessions take place in consulting rooms at Healthwise Therapy, Blackheath. I usually want to meet with the whole family first, but may also work with people on an individual basis, or suggest individual sessions within a series of family meetings.

I am a Chartered clinical psychologist with comprehensive, doctoral training at Royal Holloway, University of London and the Tavistock Centre. I also hold a postgraduate diploma in Applied Psychology. I specialised in working with children and families both in my training and subsequent clinical experience.

I have undergone additional training in narrative therapy, schema-focused therapy, play therapy, infant mental health, parenting approaches, and the use of video interactive guidance in therapy. I am experienced in working with a range of therapeutic models including family therapy, cognitive-behavioural methods, play therapy and psychoanalysis.

I worked with children across a broad age range from babies to adolescents and their families at the City and Hackney NHS primary care trust. I provided a service to first-time parents and their families and have also worked with families where children have been fostered or adopted in my work at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

I have full indemnity insurance and adhere to the ethical standards of practice as established by the British Psychological Society. I am a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health Professions Council.

I have been working with children and families for over 10 years and I am also a mother of two children.

My PhD research looked at children and adolescents’ experiences of a cardiac treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital, which has been presented at international conferences and is currently being prepared for publication in a major international journal.

I am committed to ongoing training and professional development to extend my skills and ensure that my practice is always up-to-date so I can provide the best possible service to clients.